february granita

When spring brings its sunshine and bird songs, it is easy to forget the cold darkness of winter. This poem attempts to capture the feelings of anxiety in the icy February of Burlington, VT. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

february granita

i screamed that it was too cold to feel
heat trickling from the steaming kettle of the shower head
tears pulsing down soap-colored cheeks
shea butter scar marks carving
jack-o-lantern race car tracks
down my shivering spine

the faucet drip sounded like tin-can telephones calling my lungs
they couldn’t pick up the call on the other end
breathing was canned with summers peaches and strawberries
hidden in the cellar, under the
maple sugar cobwebbed stairs

i wanted to dive into dry land
press my palms to salt-stained pavement
exercise my semolina limbs
until they extruded to their proper proportions
run clear to daffodil season

the one of afternoon lily eyelids
chased with cotton dress jubilee
sipping pear juice from jelly jars
roasted garlic ringlets dancing toward the sun
vanilla bean fingers pointing at shapes in the clouds
instead of being swallowed by february granita


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